Lithko Restoration Technologies

Lithko Restoration Technologies has been using Gill 33® for several years now and it has truly been THE answer in many of our restoration projects. 

As you know, Lithko’s Industrial Division performs most its projects inside processing plants where minimizing shutdown time is critical to their operation.  This does not bode well when concrete replacement with a subsequent resinous coating is the spec.  Normally, it would require weeks to cure the concrete properly and be able to warranty the coating work.  Using the Gill 33® we have been able to offer our customers a back-to-back operation that removes one potentially BIG problem from the drawing board!

Of course, if the product did not perform well, it would be of no use..  Gill 33® works!

Don Vanneman, Proj. Mgr.
Lithko Restoration Technologies
Columbus, Ohio

Tucker Kirby

In the supply business everyone covets product that can be counted on for superior performance.  Gill 33® leads that category.

Tim Stewart
Tucker Kirby
Charlotte, North Carolina


Gill 33® is the other ‘black gold’ - don't leave the warehouse without it.  I have used this product for over 20 years on numerous and diverse projects and it has performed as required or beyond!

Robert Gallant

Protective Flooring & Linings / Industrial Materials & Services Inc.

Since 2008, we've used Gill 33® Superbond on several difficult Power Recovery Floor rebuilds at RockTenn's Stevenson, Alabama plant (formerly Smurfit-Stone).  All jobs involved pumping 20+ yards up to the elevated floors, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  All 4 four jobs using Gill 33® went without a hitch allowing our coating applicator to come the next day for Vinyl Ester Coating installation onto fully cured 4 inch cap!!!  

Not possible with any other admixture technologies currently available.  Gill 33® is absolutely positively the way to go on tight turnarounds such as Recovery Floor Resurfacing Jobs!

Bill Gano
Regional Manager / Industrial Coating Contractor
Protective Flooring & Linings / Industrial Materials & Services Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee

Preferred Products Corporation

Preferred Products Corporation has been supplying Gill products and especially Gill 33® to our customers for many years.  Our customers have had excellent results with the use of their products especially Gill 33®. Most of the time we use Gill 33® so that we can apply a polymer floor material over the freshly poured concrete within 48 hours of the concrete being poured. Without the use of Gill 33® we would have to wait at least 20 days and sometimes longer. Gill 33® saves time and money. Our customers are very satisfied with Gill’s customer service and technical knowledge of their products.
Dwight Mulch,President
Preferred Products Corporation
Burlington, Iowa

Jepco Sales

Gill Industries is one of the most agile in the construction and repair trades.  If you need something in a hurry, they'll do it.

I have used their Gill 33® Superbond for bridge deck repair.  If I can pour the patch by noon, you can drive trucks on it by 2:30.

Whenever time is a factor, I rely on Gill 33® to make a tough job easy. We poured 1500 yards at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY.  They had only a two week time frame to tear out corroded concrete, pour new concrete and get it coated with epoxy to prevent new corrosion.  By the end of those two weeks, every bit of it was back in production with a fresh coat of epoxy.

Gill 33® Superbond Repair Kits are self contained.  Everything except water is included in the five gallon pail.  Mix in the pail and pour self-leveling concrete, which hits 1,500 PSI in about two hours.

Ed Pennypacker
Jepco Sales
Royersford, Pennsylvania

Century Concrete Construction

Our slab pour went great today, we were able to unload and place all 20 cubic yards in less than an hour.  The Gill 33 timed out perfect as it was time to start the finishing process as the last buggy unloaded. 

Thank you for your help yesterday and working out the next day product arrival.  We have a very satisfied General Contractor and Owner!

Thanks again -

Bryan Western
Century Concrete Construction

Concret & Masonry Restoration, LLC

As a specialty concrete restoration and industrial flooring contractor we would like to commend you on your Gill 33 Superbond product.

It has reduced the cure time required to apply topical coatings allowing us to return projects back to our customers faster than other contractors that would be bidding the same project using conventional methods.

The product consistently performs the same batch after batch which says something regarding your quality control measures. Finally, we appreciate the way you personally address our questions when they arise. Thank you for your continued support when it’s needed.


Vernon R. Gyura
Executive Sales Manager