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Who Uses Gill?

Baltimore Ravens Football Stadium


BP Amoco


GA Department of Transportation

General Mills

Home Depot


Kimberly Clark

Kroger Grocery

Miller Brewery


Procter & Gamble

Publix Grocery

Sea World Orlando


USS Enterprise

Walt Disney World

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Concret & Masonry Restoration, LLC

"The product consistently performs the same batch after batch which says something regarding your quality control measures."

Tucker Kirby

“In the supply business everyone covets product that can be counted on for superior performance.  Gill 33® leads that category.”

Century Concrete Construction

"The Gill 33 timed out perfect as it was time to start the finishing process..."


"I have used this product for over 20 years on numerous and diverse projects and it has performed as required or beyond!"

Preferred Products Corporation

"Preferred Products Corporation has been supplying Gill products and especially Gill 33® to our customers for many years.  Our customers have had excellent results with the use of their products especially Gill 33®."

Jepco Sales

“Gill Industries is one of the most agile in the construction and repair trades.  If you need something in a hurry, they'll do it. "

Protective Flooring & Linings / Industrial Materials & Services Inc.

"Gill 33® is absolutely positively the way to go on tight turnarounds such as Recovery Floor Resurfacing Jobs!"

Lithko Restoration Technologies

"Lithko Restoration Technologies has been using Gill 33® for several years now and it has truly been THE answer in many of our restoration projects."

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